What is an ocularist?

An ocularist is a carefully trained technician skilled in the arts of fitting, shaping, and painting ocular prostheses. In addition to creating it, the ocularist shows the patient how to handle and care for the prosthesis, and provides long-term care through periodic examinations.


Custom made ocular prosthesis is the non optical device designed according to the patient’s socket.It is painted & prefabricated as to closely match the patient’s natural eye. It is made up of high density medical grade PMMA.

How often do you have to see an ocularist?

The ocular prosthesis, like hard contact lenses, needs to be polished regularly in order to restore the acrylic finish and insure the health of the surrounding tissues. It is generally recommended that infants under 3 years of age be seen every 3 months; patients under 9 twice yearly, and all other patients at least once a year.

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